Baby E || Birth Story {photos}

Have you ever heard a birth story that lasted for days and wondered how in the world the mom did it? How did she persevere on so little sleep? How did she keep going when all she wanted to do was quit? How she had her baby vaginally after pushing for an extraordinary amount of time? This mom did all of those things and more. I am not sure that I can adequately describe her strength, or dad's strength, for that matter, but you will definitely see it in these pictures. Labor started Saturday, June 13, and little sweet E was not born until Wednesday, June 17th. Mom was told multiple times that baby was "big," but she and her hubby trusted the process (did I mention she is also a birth worker??) and little girl was just over 8 lbs when born. Get your tissues ready, because witnessing mom and dad's love for each other, their determination, and their strength, will have you crying <3

Thank you S and L for allowing me to witness this incredible journey! and huge thank you to the midwives and nursing staff at GW for allowing the process to happen as it needed to happen! In my opinion, this birth would have been a cesarean at many other practices in town.