baby girl F || newborn

I feel so blessed to meet different families in their most tender moments as new parents. Life with a new little one is messy and crazy and beautiful all at the same time. When we become new parents, we are thrown into a cycle that makes us question every.single.choice.we.make. Is the baby getting enough to eat? Should I be waking the baby to eat? Is the baby's temperature comfortable? cloth diapers? glass or stainless steel bottles? And those are only a few of the immediate questions facing life with a newborn. The lifelong questions creep up at 1 in the morning. Should I start researching preschools? Should I homeschool? Should I start a 529 plan for college? Should I quit work to stay home with the baby for a little while? Worry about making the right decision is a lifelong battle, I assume, so we just do the best we can, and try not to overthink things too much. As long baby is being responded to with love, I think that every little thing is gonna be alright. And I promise you, E & D, you guys are doing it right! This little girl is surrounded by so much love, it was beautiful to witness. Enjoy these pics of sweet F who is 4 days new in these pics. You might remember E & D's beautiful sunrise maternity session here.