Baby Girl || Just Born


There are so many emotional and beautiful pictures from this family. This is not a full birth story, but a "Just Born" session. Sweet mama K knew she wanted a doula, and she didn't necessarily want pictures of the labor, but she did want pictures just after baby arrived (and they chose to remain surprised about gender, so that was super fun!) This sweet mama had a very long and hard labor, but thanks to an awesome care provider (GW Midwives), she was able to continue laboring even though I think many an obstetrician would have called a cesarean. If you know me personally, you know my daughter's labor was about 39 hours long, so I could totally relate to K, who labored for nearly two days straight. In the wee hours of the morning, sweet little girl finally decided the time was right, though, and the joy and relief from mom and dad was wonderful to witness. Thank you K and M for allowing me to share this space with you, and congrats on your beautiful girl!

Enjoy the sweet memories!