Riley || a birth story

You might remember this beautiful family from their fun lavender field session. Mama A contacted me very early in her pregnancy, and it has been so fun getting to know her and her lighthearted family. She had been talking to her sweet boy, trying to entice him out for a little bit as she was facing an induction the following week, and had been having contractions on and off for a few days when I got the text that it might be time. Even when I got to her house, with her contractions about 5 minutes apart, she was still talking about not wanting to do the induction at the end of the week, lol. I didn't think we needed to worry about that, though. Her labor moved fairly quickly, but her body allowed her some resting periods, and how great it was to witness care providers who allow this natural resting period! Her midwife and friend made a special trip to a hospital she isn't based out of to deliver  little Baby R. Her midwife actually delivered her oldest daughter many years ago in Hawaii and it was quite serendipitous that she was able to deliver their youngest, as well. Her and the nurse were simply amazing at allowing A to do what she needed to do. What a beautiful blessing this little boy is into a house full of girls. Thank you for sharing this time with me, A & B. I am so privileged to be a doula and birth photographer!



PS- look for newborn pictures at home coming soon!