Heirloom Keepsakes

My daughter loves swiping her finger on my phone and admiring pictures. Mostly the ones of herself, lol, but none-the-less, a favorite activity. Do you know what she loves even more than swiping her finger on my phone? She loves looking through a box of pictures that Jason and I have kept. A box of pictures, cards, and other small keepsakes from when we were dating, when we got married. It holds tokens and souvenirs to help us remember our memories that seem to fade as time goes on. She loves that big box of memories. 

Do you have a box like this? It's never too late to start one! And why not start one with the birth of your child? What are some of the things you can imagine keeping from their first year? Newborn hats or the first outfit they wore. I have candles from my son's home birth that were used to burn his umbilical cord. Your favorite swaddling blanket, a tuft of hair from the first haircut, cards from your baby shower. Wouldn't this be so much more fun to go through than swiping something on an electronic device??

That's why my photography and videography packages include your choice of a custom album or handcrafted heirloom box. Or you can do both! Below you will see the small and large heirloom boxes I offer. The albums shown here are 5x5, 8x8, and 10x10. 

The boxes can be engraved, and the albums can be debossed for an extra personal touch, too! The albums come in a variety of fine linen or leather choices and the boxes are available with a number of different stains. 

Wouldn't you love for your child to have this treasure?