Baby P || home birth story {film}

January 4, 2015

As a birthworker, I witness the most tender and moving moments in life. period. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do this work, and I truly hope the documentation is something that generations to come will be able to enjoy. I want mom to be able to look to the pictures on dark days when we question our own strength and remember how strong she was to bring her baby into the world. At least, that is how I use mine, lol :)

I met this mama and her family early in her pregnancy, and I was immediately wrapped in the warmth and love in their home as soon as I entered it. The older boys were excitedly telling me about interesting books that involved reptiles and tornadoes, while we all talked about the birth that mama L envisioned. She mentioned her past birth stories and how she knew this would be her last one. She said she went inward during birth and that her hubby, R, was her rock. Did I also mention she is herself a birthworker?? She is an amazing doula and Hypnorbirthing instructor, and is already accepting clients for late spring and through the rest of the year!

I was a bit nervous about showing up in time because I knew she went inward for labor, and it was also her fourth, but things actually progressed a bit slower than we all thought would happen. Once the kids were asleep, things started moving quickly, though. When I arrived, her mom and dad were helping to fill the birth pool, and she was experiencing some lower back pain, which was also different for her. R did lots of counter pressure until we could get enough water in the pool, and she vocalized through her contractions. Once she was in the pool, though, things seemed to get a little better, and they moved quickly! 

Before we knew it, she was pushing her baby out, and we could see her head. Little P was born with just her mom's hands, and it was so emotional to witness something so empowering. L trusted her body and her baby so much, and the pure joy that comes with this type of experience can't adequately be described in words, so please watch the video and witness the joy, love and strength from L, R and P <3 thank you guys for allowing me to be there, and huge congratulations on your little one.




PS, the wonderful midwives are from BirthCare, and the awesome assistant was Lori Cooper.