Mama E || birth center birth {a film}

As I put the finishing touches on this sweet and moving final birth video of the year, I reminisced a lot about my own birth in the same bed. I thought about how I used the four poster bed for support and strength when I thought I had none. I thought about the tub that I used to find some respite and a few minutes of sleep. I thought about all the tears I cried. During my birth I remember thinking about all the women who had come before me and also brought their babies earthside in the birth center, in that bed. I tried to channel all of the incredible courage that the women before me had found in their own moments of doubt. If you are looking for an out of hospital birth that isn't at your home, this birth center has so much love in these four walls.

I cried while watching and editing this film. You may find tears in your eyes, too. To see a woman supported by her partner, her mother and her birth team in a way that respects her body and choices is very powerful. It was a longer labor, but mom and her team never had doubts about the process. They tried different things. Mama E moved when she needed movement and she found peace when she needed stillness. Her strength found her through the long moments, and she was rewarded with so much joy when sweet baby girl found her way to E’s arms. 

Thank you E & S for sharing your sacred space with me, it was a wonderful way to end the year <3 much love, amber

Huge shout out to Birth Care midwife, Dorothy Lee, CNM, and birth assistant Gwen Peters for supporting this family. Mom and dad also took childbirth education classes with Bridget Ballenger.


PS- I think I am extra sentimental as I look around to my living area stacked with boxes. If you missed my small announcement on Facebook, my family will be moving to the Reno, NV area in the new year. Jason accepted a new job with a great company, and we are excited for new adventures in this chapter of our lives. I know that I may sound like a broken record to some, but I really am going to miss the incredible birth community we have here. There is so much support for women and this stage of their lives, but there is also so much support in the community of women (and men) who support these families. The incredible midwives, OBs, nurses, alternative care practitioners, doulas, birth photographers and many others really can’t be beat. Thank you to everyone who has supported my business and career. I will miss you all. Reno has a lot to live up to :)