Motherhood Workshop with Mae Burke

So excited to bring you some thoughts and images from an amazing workshop and lovely family! I feel so blessed that I was able to attend Mae Burke's Motherhood workshop with so many talented colleagues and friends. We were able to share so much with each other. I think when Mae asked me why I wanted to take the workshop, one of the reasons I gave her was because she was so sincere and honest, and the workshop was absolutely that and more. When I photograph families, I really want them to be able to look back and see themselves as they were in that moment, and not wonder if that was really them. I want sincere photos, and I that is what I am constantly striving for, and I think Mae also captures that. 

Plus, I mean who wouldn't want to do a workshop with MAE BURKE?! I mean people want to document their breastfeeding sessions because she decided to start doing it once upon a time. I learned a lot of great tips to take my sessions to the next level, but honestly the most important thing I took away from the workshop was an incredible reminder to be the mother to my children that I want them to remember. I choose to stay at home with them because I want to spend lots of time with them, and sometimes (read: all the time) it's really hard to run a business and be present and silly and laugh all day long. It means a couple of things for my and my business- one thing is that the number of sessions I offer every month will be very limited during this season for my family, so please contact me early if you would like to schedule a belly, birth, baby or family session! It also means I really want to capture these moments with you and your little ones, because, yes, the moments are fleeting.

Thank you Mae for the tears and laughter <3

Enjoy the pictures!

PS - in honor of the workshop, and World Breastfeeding Week coming up in August, look for a breastfeeding mini- session announcement on the blog in the next few days!