baby Kambree || mini newborn session

I love being able to take pictures of mom and dad snuggling their little babe at our postpartum appointment in a relaxed way. This is what you will want to remember, I promise. Enjoy these snuggles!

emily || newborn

I did a mini lifestyle newborn session with one of my doula clients last week at their postpartum visit. Remember the Facebook status about the birth that made me question my stance on no more children? lol - this was their birth! Everything happened so quickly from arriving to their home to arriving at the hospital. Mama switched care providers very late in the game, but I think she would agree when she said it was the best choice she made. We ended up at Washington Hospital Center with the midwives, and had a great experience. Dad supported mom so lovingly, and they worked so well as a team. I loved the whole thing!

enjoy the intimate pictures with the gorgeous light <3