In Class 12, we generally cover newborn care and postpartum care. We usually have couples from past classes come share their birth stories. We can talk about cloth diapering, baby wearing and safe co-sleeping if there is interest. 

Below is a link round-up of resources and information that others have found helpful. I do not validate information or necessarily recommend the sites below, but as always, encourage you to do your own research and make informed decisions. 

Link Round-up


Evidence Based Information


Information on Breastfeeding


Laid Back Nursing

Medicine Database and Nursing – there is also a free app for this

Videos about latching and hand expression

Funny Breastfeeding Video

Baby Friendly Hospitals

Fun graphic about breastfeeding

La Leche League Meetings

Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington (free and low-cost classes)

Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants

“Boys and girls get different breastmilk”


Articles on TongueTies


Local Doctors who can help:

The Ashburn Pediatric Dentist: click on Infant Frenectomy

Dr. Earl Harley at Georgetown ENT


Gestation & Biology

Video of Fetal Circulation, placenta, etc:

From Conception to Birth:

Endowment for Human Development:

Life’s Greatest Miracle:




Natural Parenting Resources



FAQs on Co-sleeping:

A few words on self-soothing:





Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction



AAP Vaccine Schedule

Statistics on vaccine injury claims:

Alternative Vaccine Information Websites


Vitamin K


Optimal Cord Clamping

Ted Talks - Optimal Cord Clamping -


Low Platelets


B12 Sources

Folate Sources



History of circumcision

Websites about why one wouldn’t circumcise:

Video on circumcision

AAP 2012 statement on circumcision

annotated version of the AAP August 2012 report

Peggy O Mara on the new AAP statement


Cloth Diapers

This is a great link on FAQs.

This is another great basic how to list of questions.

I LOVE these prefolds. They are incredibly economical and durable. I went with the organic ones.

There are four sizes, and some people just start with the small instead of the XS. Depends on how big baby is when born. You need 24-36 diapers at least. If you plan on line drying, you definitely want 36 (or more). You will need 3-4 covers to go over the prefolds. I personally use Flip covers. Their inserts are okay, but they are hard to use with the snappi (what people use instead of pins.)

Most people use a combination of diapers. Some prefolds, some AIOs (All in Ones), some pockets, or some flats.

Pockets have an insert that pulls out, so they dry much quicker. Flats are just a big square. They take a little bit more practice in folding than a prefold, but are less bulky than prefolds

Fitteds are great for bedtime. They are incredibly absorbent. There are tons of independent moms who make fitted diapers from home and sell them on the internet. They can get a little pricey (since they are made here in the US, but the resale value is pretty good).

Fitteds require a cover to be waterproof, but most moms let their kiddos go around the house without a cover for better breathability. At night, I have always used a fitted and a wool cover for better breathability. With a newborn, you will still be changing the diaper all night long, though, because they poop all night long. Once they stop pooping in the middle of the night, you can make the decision if you want to keep changing the diaper.

There are generally two sizes of diapers: newborn and one-size. The newborn diapers will fit until about 12lbs, and the one-size will fit until they use the potty. Some people choose to wait until the child is old enough to fit into one-size diapers. We bought a lot of out newborn diapers used, and sold them for what we bought them for, though, so it wasn't a big deal.

You will need to investigate detergents. Most detergents will cause residue to build up on the diapers that makes them not absorbent for urine. If you order anything from Green Mountain Diapers, definitely ask for a first time packet

Where to buy used CDs (and clothes and carriers):

Saving Money with Cloth Diapers Article:

Cloth Diaper Basics:

Cloth Diaper FAQs:



DC Babywearing Meetings:

Place to buy (or rent):


Personal Care Products


Perineal Massage




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Infant CPR Classes



Dr. Ioana Razi (202)-333-1774 in DC (doesn’t do insurance), BF friendly, alt. vax schedule okay

Dr. Staats and of Murphy and Staats: 703-503-9100 (breastfeeding friendly and alternative vax schedule okay)



Natural Cesarean Video

International Cesarean Awareness Network of NOVA


Attachment Parenting

Easy to read book on AP: Beyond The Sling:


One of my favorite parenting blogs:


Pushing Videos

Upright positions in the hospital



Anonymous Questions on ALL sorts of topics with answers from followers