LOCAL LLL Meetings

When: 10 - 11 a.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month
Where: Northern Nevada HOPES - 580 W. 5th St. in Reno, NV
Details: There is parking across the street in the St. Mary’s lot on 5th, between Washington St. and Bell St.
The meeting is in Conference Room B, 3rd Floor.

Class 2 Summary Sheet

Progressive Relaxation - Review the box on page 15 and do this exercise twice a day.

Elements of a Well-Balanced Diet - Have coach go through these categories and write down mom’s favorite foods. Read through benefits for each.

Nutrition for your new baby - We will review this breastfeeding questionnaire later in the class.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

for baby:

- will be more intelligent

-will be less prone to ear infections

- will get sick less often

-will have better teeth and jaw alignment

-reduces baby’s chances of developing cancer, major illness and diabetes

-reduce baby’s chances for obesity later in life

-less constipated

-less diaper rash

for mom and dad:

- no mixing formula, breastmilk is ready to go

-easier to travel

-save lots of money; formula is expensive

-get more sleep

be better attached to baby because of the mothering hormone, prolactin, that is released

-greatly reduces mom’s risk of breast cancer

-helps mom lose weight

-baby has better smelling poop

Study Helps -

1. Different people gain different amounts of weight. Good nutrition with a well-balanced diet is the most important thing.

2. 35 lbs.

3. Normal growth and development

4. Healthy normal pregnancy means less chance of infection, less discomfort, and more strength and stamina.

5. 8 months gestation

6. Toxemia: Harvard study shows women who had 75+ grams of protein had 0% toxemia, while 44% of those who had less than 75 grams developed toxemia.

PROM - premature rupture of membranes - eating healthy makes strong healthy membranes that are less likely to rupture pre-maturely. Many doctors put a time-limit on how long you can labor once your membranes break (24 hours). Your contractions may not begin when your membranes break, and you are more likely to have a cascade of interventions.

Hypovolemia and hemorrhage - hypovolemia is the absence of a normal increase in blood volume during pregnancy. Good nutrition provides nutrients, salts and fluids needed for the normal protective increases in blood volume.

7. SW pg 124.

8. The body cannot function properly

9. Strong healthy mother and baby; strong, efficient uterus; less chance of infection

10. Drugs, smoking, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, mercury, aluminum, chemicals, pesticides, caffeine, additives, preservatives, environmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, sugar, junk food

11. breastmilk

Leafy Greens

They have folate which prevents spinal cord defects and is used to build genetic material.

They have calcium and magnesium which keep your blood pressure normal and are needed to help blood clot; also provide energy (broccoli and alfalfa are good sources)

Magnesium builds genetic material and reduces nausea.

They have vitamin A and C which strengthen immune system. (too much vitamin A can be toxic, and too much vitamin C can cause constipation, but greens are a good way not to overdose on synthetic versions). Vitamin A is needed for healthy bones and teeth.

They have B vitamins which give you energy.

They have vitamin K which is important for blood clotting.

Greens resolve constipation (fiber). They prevent UTIs (which are implicated in pre-term birth and testing positive for Group B Strep (GBS)).

They help with leg cramps (magnesium and calcium).


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