Birth Plans

-Review Vocabulary

-Relaxation Exercise: Mom and partner should both write down a realistic birth story and a dream birth story. Couples should talk to each other about their birth stories and merge them into a realistic story. Coach should read this to mom nightly as a relaxation exercise. (Many times, I think that we have a dream birth story in our head, and it can be hard to accept the variations from that when they may happen in real life, so if you are prepared for what can really happen, it may be easier to stay relaxed and calm in the situation to allow your body to move forward.)

-Read through POSITIVE COMMUNICATIONS on pg 51. It is important to speak positively with hospital staff in order for them to be on your side and help you achieve the birth you want. 

-Read through the questions for informed consent on pg 51. Most importantly: BRAIN

B: Benefits to baby and mother if the procedure in question is done

R: Risks to baby and mother if the procedure in question is done.

A: Alternatives- what are the alternatives to this procedure?
N: What happens if we do nothing?

Make sure you understand exactly what the procedure is, and what other procedures may have to be done as a result of having it done.


Options (there are more out there, these are just some that me and former students have come up with)

vaginal exams in pregnancy

vaginal exams in labor


mom wearing her own clothes

separation from coach

consent forms


shaving of pubic hair

aggressive management of labor

augmentation of labor


electronic fetal monitoring

restricted movement

supine position


restricted pushing positions

aggressive management of 2nd stage labor

pain killers


perineal massage/oil/warm compress


cord cutting

suctioning of the baby after birth

initial separation of baby and mom


eye ointment

vitamin K shot

other newborn procedures

>>>Here is a helpful link talking about newborn procedures if you missed this class.

Go through these options, and think about what is most important to you to have included in your birth plan. 

-Read through Dr. Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia paragraph


  1. What is the problem? What are the symptoms/test results that are causing concern? What is the most likely cause? Why do we need this drug/procedure? Will mother and baby be healthier for having it done? What are the known side effects of the drug/procedure?
  2. observing movement, fetoscope, doptone, ultrasound, EFM, internal fetal monitor
  3. Positive communications with birth team, relaxing environment, positive praise for mom
  4. Without emotional relaxation, you are unable to physically relax
  5. 41 and 1/7 week
  6. strengthens uterus, massages baby, prepares mother for labor; hunger, sex, walking