Variations and Unexpected Situations


-Tell your partner three things you are most looking forward to seeing or doing

-What are you doing this week to be prepared for the birth?

-Tell your partner five strengths they have that will be helpful in labor

-Review vocabulary

-Relaxation: Read through the emotional relaxation exercises and do them on a daily basis

VARIATIONS and OPTIONS (this list is not exhaustive, there are other options, and I am not suggesting these; they are options other mothers have given and used)

OVerDUE: walking, castor oil, enemas, acupuncture, sex, nipple stimulation, thumb sucking, chiropractor, stripping membranes, pitocin, prostaglandin gel

PROM: call doctor, note color/unusual odors, note if it is a trickle or gush, go to birthplace, wait at home for contractions to start

HERPES: culture mother’s vaginal secretions for asymptomatic presence of virus, c-section if virus is active or lesions are present

OP: open lunge on chair, walking, hip squeezes, kneeling, hip circles, squatting, crawling, stair climbing

BREECH:, acupuncture, hypnotization, cesarean

TRANSVERSE VERTEX PRESENTATION: hip circles, knee chest position, cesarean

TRANSVERSE LIE: hip circles standing and on birth ball, hands and knees, knee chest position, cesarean

FAST LABOR: support and reassurance to mother, monitor baby and mother, arrange positions to slow labor and help with oxygenation to baby, oxygen, help mother not to bear down

SLOW LABOR: be patient, stair climbing, walk, crawling, sleep, pelvic rocks, eat, change positions

REVERSE DILATION: be patient, walk, eat, sleep, figure out reason

ARRESTED LABOR: wait, talk about emotional reasons why, move, sleep, eat, drink

FALSE LABOR: wait, change positions, rest, sleep, eat, drink, shower, bath

NAP: walk, change positions, eat, drink, rest, sleep, relax

FAILURE TO PROGRESS: (could be a poor fit for baby’s head and mother’s pelvis, could be inadequate contractions, full bladder, baby’s head not pressing on cervix evenly (tilted head)) walk, change positions, nipple stimulation, relax

VERY PAINFUL LABOR: relaxation methods, massage, shower, bath, warm compress, soothing music, rocking chair, change positions

MECONIUM STAINING: call care provider

CPD: wait, change positions

FETAL DISTRESS: evaluate, talk to birth team about why patterns are non-reassuring, change positions, give mom oxygen, discontinue drugs, use internal fetal monitor to get a better reading

MULTIPLE BIRTH: monitoring

VAGINAL EXAMS: choose to have them or not

PLACENTA PREVIA: cesarean section

CORD PROLAPSE: knee chest position, cesarean section


Read through pg 61 and answer these questions.

5. bag of waters breaking, baby has moved up    

6. relax, change positions, take a shower

7. yes

8. rarely can be,  but not usually,  could be large baby, baby pooped, important to be checked by medical professionals


Read through pg 62-64

-Answer questions on pg 65-66

POSTPARTUM- Read through pg 68-72


Probiotics help prevent GBS

The Importance of Infants’ Exposure to Micro-Organisms - NYTIMES, Feb 2018