Advanced Stage 1 Labor

-Review vocabulary

-Relaxation- guided imagery, (separate handout). You can also google guided imagery relaxation scripts and use anything that suits you.


Preparation for Labor

  1. nutrition, exercise, avoiding harmful things, education, relaxation exercises, trained coach
  2. nutrition, exercise, supportive birth team, avoid stress, supportive birth place, good communication, practice relaxation
  3. relaxation
  4. LMP, ultrasound (there is a wide range of normal)
  5. tightening, it can be felt in the back and abdomen, low menstrual cramps, tightening or ballooning of the inside abdomen


  2. Just like normal labor, this is good practice and gives moms and dads confidence
  3. It is hard to tell the difference in real labor
  4. strengthens uterus, prepares mother for giving birth, prepares baby for birth

First Stage Labor

  1. standing, sitting, on side, all fours
  2. back
  3. standing and walking
  4. walking
  5. lying on back
  6. warm bath or shower (of BOW is still intact) prior to move, have car prepared before move, someone other than coach to drive, observe safety laws while driving
  7. (answers vary)
  8. your own pillows, music, candles, flowers, balloons, pictures
  9. maybe if you are less than 5cm and not showing signs of late labor
  10. introduce yourselves, calmly bring staff up to date, use first names of staff, have attitude that you are on the same page “please” “we feel” “we need”
  11. read though boxes
  12. remember the more powerful the contraction, the sooner the baby will be here, sleep imitation, closed eyes, don’t move during contraction, relax, use slow abdominal breathing, relate pain with progress, positive perspective, “duh” look, think about baby, nourishment, try something different, welcome power of the contractions
  13. check position, check relaxation, rub back, guide breathing, time contractions, talk, simulation contractions (during practice)
  14. tense/relax technique, progressive relaxation, stroking, massage, muscle observation
  15. positive visualization, visualizing progress, sensory recall, talk about positive
  16. reassure, praise and encourage her, use good verbal coaching, be advocate for her, do not fight with the staff in front of her
  17. pressure, stretching, cold feet
  18. “I wish I could turn down the lights” “Shh, the noise is distracting” “I wish my coach would keep talking” “Do I have to thrash around to get his attention?” “don’t shut up when the nurse walks in the room” “Please keep rubbing my back between contractions” “I don’t think I’m doing very well” “I think I’m going to be in labor forever” “don’t give up on me now” “I’m thirsty” “I’m hot” “Don’t joke at a time like this” “This is really hard work” “I’m scared” “I don’t care, I just want it over with” “I give up”


  1. dilation, effacement, station, position
  2. physical alignment of baby and pelvis, softening of cartilage and increasing flexibility of ligaments, pelvis enlarging, production of oxytocin, breasts preparing, production of endorphins, rest, food and water, right of passage, fear, acceptance, issues, stress, exhaustion
  3. head molding, lungs getting ready to breathe, stimulation of nervous system by massage with contractions, adjust position, put chin on chest, produce oxytocin, right of passage, fear, acceptance
  4. keep mother from becoming discouraged, reduce distractions, ask attendant not to tell you dilation, coach stays enthusiastic, avoid anything that causes stress or tension
  5. SW pg 30, coaches prepare list

-Read through the rest of lesson 9.

Labor Rehearsal - go through all the positions you can use in first stage labor