Do you offer photography services without doula services?

Yes! Most clients who choose photography without doula services choose the videography option and receive still pictures and a video of their labor and delivery.

What is a Fresh 48 or Newly Arrived session?

These sessions take place within 48 hours of the birth, usually at the hospital during visiting hours. For home births, they take place any time during daylight hours. They capture all the newness of your little one, after you have had a shower and rested just a bit.

Will we receive the images you take?

Yes, with some packages you will receive limited copyright JPEG files that you are allowed to print or share. You will also be able to order professional larger prints, canvases and albums through your online gallery.

What if I don't want my images published on your website?

You will always have the final say in images that are viewable by the public. Unless I have your permission, I only publish images that you wouldn't mind your grandparents seeing. I take your privacy very seriously. 

I'm afraid of what I will look like during labor and birth

This is a common concern. Please take a look through my birth gallery. There is only beauty to behold. If for some reason you still decide you don't want to capture those magical moments between you and your partner or support person, we can do pictures just after the baby is born and document the first few hours of life without documenting your labor. 

I think I want an epidural

Great! I can help you with that as a doula, and capture beautiful pictures for you!

How much does it cost?

Birth photography without doula support is a flat fee of $995, which includes one meet and greet visit,  being on-call for four weeks surrounding your due date, unlimited hours & photography for the entire duration of labor, and up to 2 hours after the birth. This includes high resolution digital files. 

Doula support and birth photography is $1295, which includes one meet and greet visit, one prenatal appointment at your house, being on-call for four weeks surrounding your due date, unlimited hours supporting you during labor and professional photography during the duration of your labor and delivery. This includes a beautiful handcrafted box with prints. It also includes high resolution digital files delivered via an online password-protected gallery.

Please contact me for other options and photography prices. You can also see packages here.  I am happy to offer payment plans upon request. 

Do you offer albums or other keepsakes?

Yes! I am so excited to include your choice of an album or heirloom wooden box with prints with several packages or available a la carte. The album and wooden boxes are both incredible keepsakes! I don't want your images to only live on your computer. I want your children to be able to touch and see your beautiful images! Please contact me for a full list of packages and prices. You can see a few of the keepsakes offered here!

How are your rates determined?

Being a birth worker is quite a unique career, and I love what I do, and I also love to pay my monthly bills. As a doula & birth photographer, I cannot take on another job to help meet my monthly expenses, as most employers do not look kindly on receiving a last minute phone call several times a month to let them know you won’t be in (for possibly a couple of days!). Therefore, this business is how I support my family and because I want to make sure I am available for your birth, I can only schedule 2-3 clients a month. Additionally, because I am self-employed, I pay a very large percentage of my income to taxes and licensing fees. There are also costs associated with being a doula & photographer. I have two children of my own, so childcare is always a consideration (and having a responsible childcare provider who will answer their phone at all hours and come over at 5am is not an easy task!). Additionally, I have very expensive professional camera equipment and also pay for a multitude of different online services, music licensing, and software that allow me to create and publish your sessions and stories. Many of my packages include heirloom products, as well. I attend workshops in person and online every year to continue my education as a doula, childbirth educator, and photographer. I have business insurance for my own liability and my equipment. Other costs that add up quickly include books, gas, parking, meals, etc.

So while the going rate may seem expensive, it's because you receive timeless images, films and quality products. Also, let me just add the amount of hours I work for every client is somewhere between 210 and 920. You read that right. The average is probably somewhere in the middle, but birth is a funny thing, so a potential client never knows where they will fall in that spectrum. This includes on-call time, prenatal time, labor and birth time, postpartum time, travel time, and editing time. An average of around 500 hours supporting you! I won't do the math, but this makes the hourly rate pretty small.

That being said. I can offer discounts to families who are delivering at home and paying for their birth out of pocket, and I am always willing to consider bartering for partial payment of services! I also happily offer payment plans. Maybe you have some awesome skill, and we can trade! What is an awesome skill? lol- house cleaning, yard work, babysitting, graphic design, massage, yoga, accounting, photography?? This is the kind of economy I can really get behind. Thank you for supporting our small business! It pays for things like our groceries and children's clothes, and occasionally a dance class or something fun for the kids  ;)



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