Details. Moments. Stories. I love capturing you and your family and all the messy and fun details!

Maternity Photography


Maternity photos not only capture your growing belly, they capture all the love in your family for the baby growing in your belly.

Maternity photography sessions are most often done around sunrise or sunset at an outdoor location, but we can also do a session in your home!


Birth Story Photography & Films


I am so happy to offer birth photography and birth videography to families in the Reno Area! Documenting birth stories is the reason I have pursued photography professionally. The bond between mom and her partner may never be stronger than it is when mom is in labor. The love in the room is all encompassing. The strength and determination that mom shows could move mountains. We photograph our weddings and other momentous occasions in life, but somehow people often question why you would want to photograph or record something so primal. Because, these moments are incredible, and after labor is over, the events usually become a little bit hazy. My clients have often remark that their pictures are more valuable than their wedding pictures. Documenting when your little one comes earthside will give you tangible memories of the little details long after the birth. And on those days when you question your abilities as a parent (because they will come!), you can look back at these pictures and remember the inhuman strength that was shown.


Newly Arrived & Just Born Photography & Films

Newly Arrived sessions are done in the first 24-48 hours of your little one's life. I will come to your birthplace within 24-48 hours of the birth and document your little one's newness. Usually mom has had a shower, and everyone is swimming in Oxytocin from the birth. Sometimes these sessions are referred to as Fresh48 sessions!

If I am present as your doula, and you choose not to have your birth documented, I will begin taking pictures just after baby is born, and will document the first 1-2 hours after arrival as a Just Born session This usually includes activities like cutting the umbilical cord, weighing the baby, measuring length, being skin to skin with mom and dad, and all those little first moments you don't want to forget.  Your baby will change an incredible amount in the first few weeks, and this is a great way to remember all the squishiness!

Newborn Lifestyle Photography


Newborn lifestyle pictures are most often done in the first week of life, but they can be done anytime in the first month or two! They care most often done in the comfort of your own home. I simply document you and your partner falling in love with your babe, and it. is. awesome. I don't bring baskets or props and I promise you won't miss them! The documentary-style sessions are very laid back, and so it doesn't matter if baby is eating or sleeping or cranky. It's real life! We will go with it :)

Breastfeeding & Babywearing Photography

Breastfeeding sessions are the best! They can be done in your home or at an outdoor location around sunrise or sunset. Breastfeeding moments are so tender, and capturing them on on film will allow you to look back on this fleeting period in your lives.

Babywearing sessions are so fun. You spend so much time carrying your little one around & nursing them! Let's document those tender moments!

Lifestyle Family Photography


I am so happy to offer documentary or story-telling style of family photography as another brand. short sessions (1 hour), mini day in the life sessions (2-4 hours), or an entire day in the life session (8-10 hours)!  More info at

Now you want to book a session (or two or three?) awesome! How much does it cost, and what now?

Birth story sessions begin at $895 and portrait sessions begin at $95. I would love to talk more about what you need from your session, and document your story, so contact me, and we can talk over e-mail, the phone or coffee (my favorite!). For more information on packages and prices head over here! Don't wait too long, though. I only take 2-3 birth story clients a month, and a very limited number of maternity, newborn & family clients, as well.