We are so excited you have decided to join our natural childbirth course. We love teaching about what a normal pregnancy and labor can look like. 



Do I need to bring anything?

Bringing a pillow for relaxation exercises is helpful, but not necessary. Other than that, just a positive attitude and open mind! Not everyone will agree on certain topics in the class, and that's fine. We just ask everyone to remain respectful of others' opinions. 

Can I bring a snack or a meal?

Of course! With large classes, we often have a snack sign-up sheet, and everyone chooses to bring 2 snacks for the group during the duration of the class. Otherwise, feel free to bring your own snack (or meal).

How long is the class?

The class is 10 weeks long, although if we need to cover additional material, we can always add a class on the end. 

What if I need to miss a class?

We understand that work and family will come up within the ten weeks of class, so we offer condensed make-ups 30 minutes prior to the next consecutive class with a summary sheet. If two classes are running simultaneously, you can usually squeeze into the other class (depending on size), and we offer one make-up outside of class should you need to miss two consecutive classes. You can also Skype into a class.

Do I need to take any other classes?

This course is designed to be comprehensive so that you do not need to take other courses. However, some people choose to take a secondary more in-depth breastfeeding class (there is a free one at the Breastfeeding Center in DC!). Infant CPR is also highly encouraged.

What if my partner can't be there?

No problem! You can come by yourself :)