comprehensive tools for mom's partner to support her labor ~ our  natural childbirth course is perfect for home births, hospital births and birth center births.


Past couples sharing birth stories.

Past couples sharing birth stories.

When my wife approached me with the idea of a natural childbirth I was beyond apprehensive. I was freaked out! The idea that I could be her coach was laughable to me because of how little I knew about the process. But from the first class, Amber and Jason set us on the right path. They were as upfront as they were reassuring. They gave us all the facts and let us decide the approach that worked for us. I left there confident that I had all the tools I needed to support my wife through this experience. What we learned helped bring a healthy baby boy into the world and I truly believe made our marriage and friendship even stronger and for that I will always be eternally grateful. What this class taught us extends beyond child birth and I believe is truly invaluable. There is no one else I would have rather had be part of our Birth Team.
— Fred and Joelle

Our natural childbirth class is designed to give you and your partner tools to effectively manage pain during labor and understand the natural process of how labor progresses.

We talk about what to expect with an average labor, and how to guide your body most effectively through the stages. 

We talk about how to navigate the decision making process and give you the right questions to ask, so you can ensure you are receiving quality care from your provider.

We talk extensively about breastfeeding, and what to expect in the first few days and weeks. 

We are attachment parenting enthusiasts and are also here to answer any questions about co-sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, vegan or vegetarian diets, and more. 

If you don't have enough time for a full class or can't find one to fit your schedule, we also offer private classes taught at our home or yours.

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course content

  • pain management techniques for labor
  • relaxation techniques
  • stages of labor
  • common medical interventions
  • informed consent 
  • exercises for pregnancy and labor
  • nutrition for pregnancy
  • breastfeeding basics
  • newborn care
My husband and I both agree that the Bradley classes was the best decision we made during our pregnancy. The classes informed us of the different approaches to childbirth and educated us to prepare us for a natural childbirth. Once my water broke we both felt so calm, prepared and excited! Amber is a wonderful teacher who is very passionate and educated about the subject-we recommend the Bradley classes to all of our friends! We had decided to use a doula, another wonderful decision. Once we knew we wanted a doula for our labor, Amber was the obvious choice. She was such a strong support for both me and my husband, I was so grateful that she was there.
— Maggy & Adam
Phenomenal class that covers every birth scenario from home birth to C-section, and think goodness it did! We unexpectedly ended up with the latter in the final two weeks of pregnancy, and were prepared to make decisions when the time came.
— Sharlene & Frank
Amber and Jason did an incredible job of teaching us the beauty of birth as well as preparing us for the reality of the challenges of labor. We were able to find joy and peace with the birth of our first daughter thanks to the guidance and wisdom they had to offer. We will always be grateful for the knowledge they shared with us during this incredibly life changing time of our lives! Thanks to them, we were empowered with knowledge and facts to safely birth our daughter naturally, just the way we had planned.
— Meghan & Ben
We had a goal of natural childbirth and were grateful for the support of Amber’s class. Because we were having twins, there were a lot of decisions to make and we ended up having almost every intervention mentioned in the class, not meeting our goal at all. However, we felt very well informed about the interventions due to the Bradley class, and also recognized that there is a time and a place for intervention. It was good to have a lot of education prior to labor.
— Ellen & Geoff
We loved Amber’s Bradley class. She is compassionate and extremely knowledgable- a great teacher. Due to our hectic schedules she accommodated us with a condensed private course. We can’t imagine embarking on the birth journey without having taken her class!
— April & Brian